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Trekking the Mount Everest Region made easy with the tea house treks.

The Himalayas are the most formidable range of mountains in the world and Nepal has the distinction of housing 8 out of the world’s 10 highest peaks. Nepal has earned the designation of being the trekker’s paradise and trekking the Mount Everest is a dream nurtured by many. The Great Himalayan Trail across the mountains of the Himalayas spreads over 1700 Kms in Nepal and offers a bouquet of trails for the trekking enthusiast. You can mountaineer through the high route or choose to trek through the medieval villages in the valleys on the middle and lower hills.

Trekking the Himalayas in the present day is a lot easier and is made possible for the casual trekker too with Tea House Trekking. A tea house offers basic accommodation as in a wooden lodge while on the trail and is run by the locals, mostly the sherpas. Tea House Trekking can be best described as assisted trekking.

Trekking the Mount Everest: A typical day on a tea house trek
A typical day for someone trekking the Mount Everest with a tea house trek would begin around 7 am. After the morning ablutions, one is served breakfast which consists of eggs, bread, jam, cereal, porridge with tea or coffee. After the breakfast trekking begin with the support of professional guides and porters of our Nepal trekking agency and goes on until it is time for lunch. Lunch is served by the attendants and the walk thereafter is less punishing. You generally reach your destination in time for the afternoon snack and tea. You can take off for the rest of the afternoon and go exploring the village or can rest and acclimatize and catch up with some reading. Dinner is served in the lodge or the tea house. Thereafter hit the sack for a good night’s sleep.

Benefits of Trekking the Mount Everest with our Nepal Trekking Agency’s Tea House Treks
• Guaranteed accommodation and food all along the trail. The sherpas are adept organizers and go to great lengths to provide you with reasonable comfort and nutritious and hygienic food while in tea houses.

• English speaking native guides who will ensure that all your needs are tended to and all your arrangements are made beforehand. Your guide will ensure that you get the best deal while trekking with us with tea house treks.

• One porter is to be shared by two people when you book a standard tea house trek package. The porter will carry the bulk of your gear.

• You can concentrate on trekking the Mount Everest. All you’re other worries about obtaining permits, paying taxes and royalties, transportation, accommodation, finding porters etc can be taken care by our Nepal Trekking Agency. The price you pay for the entire package comes inclusive of everything else.

• The Sherpa hospitality is famous and you get to hear the folklores firsthand from them and can sample a slice of the idyllic mountain life. Your local guide will give their inputs about every point worth mentioning on the trail.

• You can be forewarned of the impending dangers while trekking the Himalayas by your experienced guides. Even in an emergency, being with a local and experienced guide has its own advantages.

• The sherpas are adept cooks and are fairly well acquainted with continental style of cooking. Do not be surprised if you are served with pasta, pan cakes, noodles and other such things while trekking the Mount Everest.

• The Tea House treks often offer hot showers, a luxury in high altitude. However, the water is solar heated and can at best be tepid.

• The tea house treks also offer bottled drinking water and other hot beverages like tea. It is very important that you drink pasteurized water to stay away from stomach infections while trekking.

• Our Nepal trekking agency’s professional guide also carry first aid boxes to deal with any emergency medical situation while trekking.

• However, be informed, that the tea houses may offer you very basic amenities. Take it in the spirit of adventure and make the most of your trekking opportunity.

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