Follow the cultural and religious aspect

Trekking is the outmost journey of life time experience. Trekking refers to the challenge to the outer world. As trekking is not the easy task but it will be the adventurous journey while following the routes to Nepal. Nepal is the topmost trekking country in the world. As in the boundaries of Nepal lies many great Himalayas peaks as well it is rich in natural resources. Trekkers as while on trekking should take each and every item needed on the way. If the necessary item is lost of forget to carry on the way it will be the bad day of the trekkers. There are many minor and major things to keep on mind while trekking to many quest fields. Some of the basic things to keep in mind while trekking are as follows:

Nepal is a religious country. Different religions of people live in Nepal altogether, mostly the people of Nepal follows Buddhism and Hinduism. There are many temples, monasteries and Buddhists stupas located in different parts of Nepal. There are many festivals celebrated in Nepal. Many castes live in harmony in Nepal. So, the trekkers should follow the cultural and religious aspect while on trekking.

Cultural aspect: The cultures of Nepal differ according to the places. Cultural program are organized by the peoples of Nepal. Nepal culture comes together the religion, festivals and the pride of the nation. Some of the points are mentioned below:

  • Well dressed up is the first priority as the bikini or the small clothes which shows the body of men and women is not allowed.
  • Kissing and hugging in public areas like parks is not allowed.
  • Snapping photos and videos in restricted areas is not allowed.
  • Namaste is a well greeting in Nepal.
  • Bowing your head to elders shows respect to them.

Religious aspects: As Nepal is a religious country. Different castes with different religions lived here. Festivals offer the lifestyles of places. Hindu, Christian, Buddhist and Islam area the main religions followed in Nepal. So the trekkers are requested to follow according to them.

  • In temples and at stupas trekkers are requested not to do the kissing and other public affairs.
  • Handicraft is valuable in Nepal so it’s better if you buy it.
  • Bowing before Buddhist monks and priests in temples shows the respect.
  • Snapping pictures and disturbing people during pray time is not considered.
  • Pointing finger to god statues and peoples said to be the bad manner.

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