Nepal Travelling Tips

Nepal Travelling Tips

The Nepal Tour Travel Plan perfected for a woman travelling alone.
Nepal is a country which is bestowed with nature’s wonders. Snow capped peaks, meandering mountain pathways, valleys, meadows and forests in different shades of green, the clear blue skies, the simple and rustic mountain life can all beckon you for a lifetime. A Nepal Tour Travel Plan is a once in a lifetime opportunity to submit yourself to nature.

You may be harboring a Nepal Tour Travel Plan for long. The problem is that you are a lady and you will do it alone. Fearing for your safety is a normal impulse and an essential burden borne by most of the women folk. Nepal is commonly a safe destination for tourists. However, random incidents of petty crimes or indecencies hurled on ladies are not unheard of.

If you are a woman with a Nepal Tour Travel Plan, scroll through the tips below:

Top 5 Nepal Tour Travel Tips for the Solo Lady Traveler Book ahead with a good Trekking Company:
If you are travelling alone, ask around among fellow travelers and use their reference in choosing your trekking company. A lot of people choose to book their trek only when they land in Nepal. However, if you are travelling alone it makes perfect sense to book ahead and not predispose yourself to the uncertainties of finding a vacant spot with a good trekking company. A lot of trekking companies offer a Nepal Tour Travel Plan exclusively for single lady travelers where you can opt for a female guide.

Do not read maps in public:
Reading maps in public is like having “newbie” and “foreigner” written all over your face. Try to act like a repeat visitor. Read out and memorize maps in private. If needed, sketch out a map and write directions in a nondescript piece of paper. This Nepal Tour Travel tip works well for tourists without any gender bias.

Avoid the alleys and labyrinthine inner roads during the night:
Try to steer clear of the alleys and the inner roads after sun set. Darkness and narrow alleys make up the perfect setting for a crime. Well lit spaces which are crowded are safe from a single woman traveler point of view. Choose Nepal Tour Travel hot spots with prudence. In fact, the women children rule would not be out of context to mention here. Having women and children around always works as a safety net.

Do not respond to people trying to start a conversation with you on the streets:
The local young toughs are there to outbid each other in their attempts to befriend a foreigner. They would hurl a “Hello” at you in different languages to get you to respond. Do not respond to their niceties. If you happen to meet a gorgeous local on your Nepal Tour Travel sojourn, who could jump off from Mount Everest for your love, be informed, that you are a quick passport to a foreign citizenship and better life eventually. So do not let your guard down when it comes to meeting new people and befriending them.

Do not wear flashy and expensive jewelry or accessories:
Dress for the occasion on a Nepal Tour Travel endeavor. Wear cheap accessories and jewelry. Keep money stashed out of plain sight in shoes or concealed pockets. Do not carry any original document anytime in your Nepal Tour Travel Treks. Keep them in a locker in Kathmandu. Carrying photocopies of passports and permits is good enough. In this way, even if you are mugged you can minimize your losses on your Nepal Tour Travel Himalayan odyssey.

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