The List of Trekking Tips

Nepal trekking is all about sincerity of intent. Nepal Trekking is an endeavor with several dos and don’ts. Let us take a look at them.

There comes a time when the mundane everyday life screams for a break. Well, we are not suggesting you set out for the Nepal trekking. But if you are a seeker somewhere inside and looking forward to embracing nature in its full glory, do not think twice. Pack your bags and brace yourself. You are embarking on a journey of self discovery and truth. Such can be the impact of fearless nature in the Nepal Trekking expedition that you return a changed person.

Nepal Trekking could be a once in a lifetime experience which will help you reflect on your spirituality and sort out priorities in life. It is at best a great opportunity to introspect and rejuvenate oneself for the years to come. Hence, it is essential that you have an idea of the things that can make or break this coveted experience. We as a Nepal Trekking Agency will guide you throughout your trekking period.

Nepal Trekking: The list of the Do’s
• Be respectful of other’s culture, traditions and norms. The Himalayan trails are dotted with numerous monasteries, temples and holy shrines. You are expected to be modest and courteous while you undertake the Nepal Trekking Project.
• Carry local currency and medicines. You might end up paying a lot more if you try to exchange foreign currency while on the trail. Medicines are hard to get while on the Nepal Trekking trail. So it is prudent to carry them. Also carry your snacks like cookies, pretzels, candies etc. These are extremely expensive when you try to source them from locals.
• Try to eat food cooked with local ingredients. Very often, higher up on the Himalayas trekking trail, meat and a lot of other food items are carried up from the plains below. There is a chance of such food items going bad. Hence, it would be safer to stick to simple food cooked indigenously.
• Carry all your important documents with you in waterproof covers. Carry extra sets of warm clothes, gloves and shoes. Carry your batteries alongside your body while on the Himalayas trekking trail. This helps them remain charged for long.
• Make sure you inform your family about the routes and the Nepal trekking trails you are going to take. In case of emergencies, it would be easy for them to track you down.

Nepal Trekking: The list of Don’ts
Keep yourself from littering this heaven on earth. The Nepal Trekking Trails are going through this one major problem of tourists leaving behind and littering with huge quantities of wastes. Be a responsible global citizen and do not litter.

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