Trekking Tips

Mt Everest trekking Tips
1. Medical kits: The trek trekkers are provided medical kits by the company but instead of that they should also carry the necessary medicines that are needed on the way.

2. Altitude problems: When the altitude increases the temperature decreases and according to that the oxygen also decreases. While climbing to the peak the climbers are required to carry the cylinders of oxygen to them. Some peoples may have altitude sickness so they are not suggested to go to the higher altitude. The symptoms of altitude sickness are:

  • Queasiness, sickness
  • Loss of hunger
  • Sleeplessness / insomnia
  • Constant head pain
  • Dimness, stupefaction
  • Flaw, exhaustion, weariness
  • Slight inflammation and breathing problem
  • Weakness

3. Why does altitude sickness occur?

  • Because of fewer Oxygen at higher altitude
  • Of Low pressure at peaks
  • Continuous climb
  • Lack of water
  • Hypothermia

4. Prevention that to take care in altitude sickness.

  • Proper rest .
  • Do not trek in hurry.
  • Alcohol should be probihited, and smoking also while on trek.
  • Water should be drinked a lot infact a juicy items.
  • Travel in group.
  • Heavy loads should not be carried .

5. Trekking equipments:  While on the Mt Everest trekking the equipments which are necessary on the way should be carried. Mostly the basic equipments are provided by the company. The followings trekking equipment should be carried on the way to Mt Everest trekking:

  •   Camping Bags
  •   Jackets
  •   Shoes and Socks
  •   Trekking Sticks
  •   Winter Wear
  •   Sun Glasses
  •   Trousers
  •   Sleeping Bag
  •   Hat and many more items.

6. Trekkers are required : To bring the money in cash because there are no Atm machine and banks in the remote part of Nepal. They should procure for their own safety as the cash should not be carried in a heavy amount as to expense on the way to the necessary items.

7. Cultural aspects :  As Nepal is a religious country there are many castes living in Nepal as of many cultural aspects. The trekkers from different parts of the world should respect the castes their traditions and cultures while on the way to Everest trekking.

8. Diet food : The trekkers are suggested to bring the dietable food like chocolates , cheese and other energy drinks on the way to the Mt Everest trekking. As the distance is to be traveled is very far and by walking so there should be the proper diet carried by the trekkers.

9. Technical skills : As the mountaineers may not be the perfect climbers but instead they should have the technical skills to climb to the peaks. The climbers should be well known about the equipments that are used during Everest trekking and hiking to the peaks. As well as the trekkers should be physically and mentally fit for the trekking expedition.

10. Trekking risks : The trek trekkers should not trek alone while on the way. The route of on while trekking is mostly dense and lonely. There may be the incident happens of robbery and other accidents so the trek trekkers should be in a group while trek to Mt Everest trekking trip.

11. Support local society : The trekkers trek to different places of Nepal so the cultures and religions differ from place to place . The trekkers should respect the local society their culture and traditions. The vulgar dresses and the vulgur things should not be done on the community while on Mt Everest trekking .

12. Staying during trip : Most probably the trekkers stay in lodge while on the Mt Everest trekking. the money should be carried to pay to the lodge or for tips including (not necessary) as there would not be the atms or local banks in remote places. Camping is also done while trek to the Mt Everest trekking so all the necessary equipment like ropes , eating foods and water should be carried by the trekkers.

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